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WGCG was formed based on the expansion of the services offered by Derek Reeves Consulting offering geological services specifically for established clients, including remote based projects.

Derek joined teams with Felipe Casillas during a Spanish project and now our combined experience of some 60 years is now available for new and previous clients to meet the clients exploration and mining needs. Felipe brings both an extensive geological expertise and as a qualified Mining Engineer he brings additional skills including rock mechanics through to slope and cave stability studies. Leonid Krynytskyi also joins the team as a skilled geologist and one of the leading deep ground penetrating radar technicians in the field of GPR. Also joining the team is Ivan Golturenko an experienced geologist and radar technician.

Additional to Derek and Felipe, our team includes additional geologists with varying skills and experience in both geology and Engineering Geology while for large specialized jobs we can draw upon a pool of affiliates. Within our group we have people fluent in English, Spanish, French and passable Portuguese. We are associated directly with Loza Radar, a specialized deep penetrating ground probing radar company with an international presence and a proven track record in a suite of commodities including diamonds, coal, iron ore, gold and base metals as well as civil engineering applications. We also have access to experienced drillers and mechanics so that we can provide a full compliment of specialist for your project requirements.

We have worked in Australia, Spain, Madagascar, Uganda, South Sudan, Falkland Islands, Fiji and United Kingdom. We have a presence in Australia, Europe, Africa and Madagascar.

No matter your project or commodity, let WGCG assist your company in your exploration and mining requirements to your budget and timeframe.

For African specific projects please visit our sister company:

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Derek Reeves – Principal

Felipe Casillas – Principal

Ivan Golturenko and Leonid Krynytskyi

Please review our site and contact us to discuss your exploration and mining needs.

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